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MJBEF (Michigan Japanese Bilingual Education Foundation) is a 501(c) non-profit with a six-fold purpose:
a) To be an organization dedicated to the support of Japanese language education for pre-K through 12th grades in the state of Michigan
b) To actively solicit grant funds, corporate donations, and individual contributions to be used in such support
c) To develop curriculum for bilingual Japanese-English education, using the best practices of Japanese and Michigan schools
d) To provide outreach and education to the general public, both Japanese and American, here in the State of Michigan, regarding bilingual education
e) To actively support the possibility of Japanese teachers coming to teach in the US, and American teachers going over to teach in Japan (ie., teacher exchange)
f) To assist in creating a bilingual Japanese-English K-6 partial immersion elementary school in the Metro Detroit area

MJBEF received a planning grant from MDE in 2009, and consequently developed a charter school for two-way immersion Japanese and English, authorized by Livonia Public Schools in 2010 as the "Japanese American School of South East Michigan", now known as Hinoki International School. MJBEF is the school's educational service provider, and is working to create the blueprint for developing more two-way immersion Japanese and English schools in the future.


Japanese - English Bilingual Education, Educational Service Provider